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"Exposure of a yurt at Gandan Fair Housing from 26 to 29 September. The yurt will be for sale at the end of the show with discount! So feel free to come visit us for a bargain! Ask our invitations, we will send them with pleasure "



1 yurt bought =
€ 10 free loan
to a micro-entrepreneur.

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1 yurt bought = 5€ donated to the humanitarian association Réflexe Partage.

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                    ADVANCED MODEL GANDAN YOURTE !



Originally, the yurt is the habitat of the Mongolian nomads.

Practical, economic, ecological, durable and spacious, the yurt is different from any other dwelling.

Enter a yurt, and you will immediately captivated by the beauty of its decorations. Its round shape, friendly, brings comfort and serenity.

These yurts are now available in France and Europe through Gandan Yurt. Created with high quality materials in the true spirit of traditional Mongolian Yurt Gandan made ​​some changes dictated by experience, so that the yurt we offer is perfectly suited to our climate.

The yurt will be ideal in your garden, as guest room, game room, relaxation or as a first dwelling on vacant land.

An original idea for the guest yurts, very popular with the public, campsites or event spaces ...