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Toile résistante pour yourteToile Techniplus


  • Waterproof
  • A material that breathes
  • Anti-UV
  • Anti-fungal
  • Easy care




The Techniplus canvas is 100% acrylic. It is a material that is both waterproof and airy. It is extremely resistant to bad weather conditions and will last a long time.

This type of canvas is often used to make sails used in sea-faring vessels which are exposed to excessive sun, heavy weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

As the acrylic fibre is tinted throughout, the colour is exceptionally long-lasting.

A roof over-hang above each opening protects the frame.

Around the bottom of the walls, there is a PVC skirting which enables the canvas to be tucked under the flooring, providing a maximum water run-off..

The availability of several colours offers the possibility of personalizing your yurt according to individual tastes.


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Characteristics :


-roof made of Sunbrella Plus fabric, weight 320 g/ m²

-walls made of Orchestra fabric, weight 290 g/m²

-PVC skirting, weight 650G/m², height 27 cm

Made in France

No need for a rain-proof fabric underneath.

The rubbing of the ropes can cause damage so the areas of contact where the crown ropes touch the canvas should be protected.

The materials are inflammable so care should be taken around any sources of heat either inside or within close distance outside the yurt.




There exist several colours to choose from. The canvas is plain, without motifs and the roof and the walls are of the same colour.

coloris natural coloris oyster coloris heather beige coloris toast


  Heather Beige


coloris dune coloris taupe coloris hemp beige coloris dark green
  Dune   Taupe   Hemp Beige   Dark Green


Made-to-Measure canvas


You can design your own yurt by asking us to for a made-to-measure canvas corresponding to your personal needs. In order to do this, we need the following measures:

- perimeter of the yurt : measured by the outside, at the junction roof-walls. Be careful not to measure down walls as this may vary.

- height of walls : include the thickness of the insulating material

- door-width : from the attachment ring for the cord to the opposite ring

- toono (roof ring) : exterior diametre (including the thickness of the wood)

- exterior slope : should be measured from the outside, from the point where the roof poles exit the roof ring, to where the roof and the walls meet (including the felt insulation).

- floor : first measure the outside overhang (to be sure that the canvas can be comfortably tucked under the floor).

- height of the yurt : measure from the floor up to where the roof poles exit the roof ring (including felt insulation).
Do not take the measure at the centre of the toono which is often lower.


Care & Maintenance


Click on this link to find out all you need to know about caring for your Techniplus canvas :

Click here for Maintain Techniplus canvas




The Techniplus crown both protects and insulates your toono (roof ring). It contains wool felt which provides excellent insulation. It has the same characteristics as the canvas : waterproof, airy, anti-uv, anti-fungal, easy to maintain.. It has 8 straps which offer an excellent support to the yurt.


Characteristics : Sunbrella canvas, 8 straps, wool felt for insulation 10 mm ( 900g/m²), ropes not included.


Available sizes :

  • For a 4-walled yurt : 200x200 cm
  • For a 5-walled yurt : 230x230 cm
  • For a 6-walled yurt : 260x260 cm
  • For a 7-walled yurt : 290x290 cm
  • For a 8-walled yurt : 310x310 cm
  • For a 10-walled yurt : 360x360 cm
  • For a 12-walled yurt : 420x420 cm

« Made-to-measure » sizes possible


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