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  • Double french windows : it brings a light side preserving inside the yurt. (not yurt walls 3)
  • Canvas integral vapor : synthetic fabric, waterproof and breathable in one pan, covering the roof and walls of the yurt to protect it from weather.
  • Crystal hat : placed below the traditional hat opaque, it is intended to remain placed on the roof of a circle (toono) to protect from the elements while preserving the central skylight ; we recommend adding the transparent seal (type bathroom) on the seams of the cap to seal perfectly son.
  • Curtain wall decoration : curtain walls interior decoration dressing, hiding the mesh by lovely traditional decorations.
  • Windows : additional light space; adapts to the structure of the yurt fitting into the walls and webs - on-command
  • Connecting chamber : used to connect two or more yurts therebetween. on-command


french windows
Crystal hatCrystal hat
by exterior
Crystal hat
by interior
porte double fenêtre Gandan Yourte Toile pare vapeur intégrale pour yourte - Gandan Yourte Chapeau cristal pour yourte - Gandan Yourte Chapeau cristal vue extérieure - Gandan Yourte Chapeau cristal vue intérieure - Gandan Yourte

Curtain wall decorationwindowsConnecting chamber
Rideau de décoration mural pour yourte - Gandan Yourte Fenêtre - Gandan Yourte caisson_liaison_yourte_timbre


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