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How are they manufactured :


Since its inception, Gandan Yourte worksclosely with one of Mongolian suppliers the most recognized of Ulaanbaatar. It does business for over 20 years and manufactures yurts in the spirit of this age-old tradition.


A team craft-workers works daily with him : search the wood, cutting, sculpture, painting, sewing canvas...


Once the elements made ​​up, the yurt is then tested to verify that the measurements are accurate and the pieces of wood and fabric cut properly.


The yurts are then loaded into containers, routed to port bytrain.
A boat takes over and completes the rest of the way to the port of Le Havre.


Know-how :

Painting workshop : Gandan Yourte


The elements of our yurts, are developed and manufactured by a excellent craftsmanship.


With our special relationship with the manufacturer, Gandan Yourte is certain to get the best materials for yurts of best quality.




Structure adapted to European climate :



We gave to our yurts some changes, dictated by our experience, so they are perfectly adapted to different climates (eg by a vapor-tight canvas, sheep wool and no yak).

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