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On first glance you feel that all the traditional yurts from Mongolia are the same, whoever would be the supplier.

Actually not ! Several details having great importance for the longevity of your yurt make a difference, and a big difference!

In checking out the following list, you will find all + that have been made in our yurts Gandan, to fit the European climate. We will sell you a high quality product : solid, stable, attractive and sustainable over time.


Our felt : 100% washed sheep wool


The felt we offer is made of 100% washed and packed sheep wool.

Why do we use sheep's wool?

Because it is the most efficient wool in terms of insulation, much more than yak or goat wool. With 2 cm of packed wool, our felt has a nice density and allows you to be snug and warm in winter and in a cool place in summer.

Because once washed, the sheep's wool is not fragrant anymore contrary to yak's wool. Therefore you get rid of odor problem due to dampness.

Because sheep's wool has a very high hygrometric capacity, contrary to synthetic felt and yak's wool: in a yurt dampness is the main problem when it gets infiltrated into the fabrics. It causes black streaks and halos. Sheep's wool act upon dampness: it has an extremely high absorption capacity. Thus felt is not saturated with water. Your fabrics are so forth protected.

Because a well packed sheep's wool is much stronger and resist to manipulations due to the assembling and disassembling of a yurt. As you were making the assembling of a yurt, for the first time or not, have you ever finished with a piece of torn felt in your hand? This is a hint to recognize a felt of a poor quality. Our sheep's wool, meticulously packed, will resist durably to all those manipulations.

The tiny but important detail: Our felt is cut and sewn by hand so that the toono - circle of roof- is completely uncovered and a maximum of light is coming in. Sometimes, providers' felt is made without taking time to give a round shape at the level of the roof. Thus the toono will be partially obscured. Our felt will follow meticulously the contours of the circle and will also be made for you to have a border large enough to get the proper position of the fabric, and so forth obtain a good insulation.


Our fabric vapor-arrester waterproof and breathable


Our climate is more humid than in Mongolia, it is necessary that your yurt has an impervious cover. Fabrics of cotton, even very thick, are not enough: it is still cotton and it is not waterproof even tightly weaved. It naturally resists for a while but lets the water coming in if it rains a lot.

We tried many systems and the most effective one was to place on all our yurts Gandan a synthetic fabric, waterproof and breathable. We decided from experience to cover our yurts with those so called "Vapor-arrester fabrics". It is a single piece of material, placed on the roof and pulled down behind the yurt. It is placed over the felt to protect it and below the outer fabric to take over in case of heavy rains.

It seals your yurt and leaves it breath as well


Our wood is thick and hand-cut


All our woods (poles, walls, pillars ...) are hand-hewn; this technique is the only one able to maintain the strength of wood and finally of the yurt. With other suppliers, you will certainly find woods cut with machines: it saves time and money of course but makes the structure of the yurt weaker. It is to be admitted as we look and test the result.

Therefore we chose to use hand-cut wood to respecting fibers and knots of this material, and finally for the yurts elements not to be weak.

The wood that forms the structure of our yurts is also chosen for its thickness. Indeed, research and selection of trees that produce the elements are carefully made to select a very thick and strong wood.

We would like you to be sensitive to the way we carefully choose our wood. Few years ago a small worm has spread in the Altai forest, in northern Mongolia. These worms penetrate the wood and weaken it. Thus we are increasing our vigilance to avoid pruning diseased or damaged wood.

This vigilance is reinforced by the fact that French customs controls are getting stricter on the import of wood. To import wood of poor quality would be a great risk: the container could be rejected. It could imply a delay or a cancellation of orders that you are impatiently expecting. Given that, to avoid any problem during the custom control, we take time and means in Mongolia to work meticulously on wood.


Our thick outer fabrics


We offer different kinds of outdoor fabrics, depending on how you use your yurt, and a large selection of decorations and colors !

Our fabrics for an everyday use are very thick : 480 and 645 g/m2 to provide maximum protection and durability.


They are always made of one piece, and not separated into two different parts that would catch more wind and make the fabrics slide. Our fabrics are to be unfolded on the yurt, spread on it and pulled down at the back of the structure. A large border of material will help to strengthen the fastening and improve the imperviousness.

We did not choose to add another fine layer above: being too thin it could get cooked buy the sun and damaged because of bad weather and as a consequence you would have to change it very often.


Our protection of low felt


We added to our yurts a protection for the lower part of the felt: it is a wide band of waterproof and breathable fabric, similar to the vapor-arrester fabric. It is located at the bottom of the yurt between the felt and the outer fabric. It helps to evacuate water and prevents from damp retention on the floor of the yurt.


Our double French windows

Porte Double-fenêtre - Gandan Yourte


We offer double glassed French windows (one first wood casement associated with two doors, each consisting of two windows.) It is an interesting supply of light.

We can't say that the option is offered for free contrary to other selling websites: the price of such an option is always included in the final price of the yurt, whatever they say. It appears cheaper because they don't pay attention to the way the wood is worked and chosen. We consider that the work on the wood must be handmade, increasing so forth the quality of the product. As we already told you, our wood is thick and well-chosen. It is directly bought to a craftsman and its price has moderated consequences on the final selling price of our yurts.

We offer the double French window as an option, for the purchaser to still have choice. A French-window might not be adapted to the way you use the yurt (massage or relaxation room...). Our yurts will be less expensive if you don't choose this option.


All other options


To optimize the use of our yurts, we offer convenient options such as:
Chapeau cristal - Gandan Yourte

  • crystal cap : PVC transparent cap to be set on the circle of roof, to get protected from bad weather while maintaining a brightly lit room ; we recommend adding the transparent seal (type bathroom) on the seams of the cap to seal perfectly son.
  • curtain for walls decoration : beautiful pieces of fabric decorated on a traditional way, covering the walls inside the yurt
  • product for fabrics protection : product with a waterproof effect, protecting fabrics from all marks or deposition coming from the surrounding nature.
  • anti-uv : Product that durably protect fabric from the effects of sun


Not to mention....


...Extra items, included in the price of our yurts, and that you wouldn't find :... all the handles you need to open the door (s) - one for each door and window-, a complete set of strings made of horsehair and wool to be sure that all elements of your yurt are securely attached, a decorative skirt at the bottom of your outer fabric, an opaque cap to close the circle of roof at night, windows on the wooden frames of the circle of roof (usualy 3 or more on request) (watch yurts 2 and 3 walls have no windows because of their small size) and a metal evacuation pipe for the stove.


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