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1 yurt bought = 10 euros loan

a micro-entrepreneur to support the project.

Since November 2012, you allowed Gandan Yurt lend 470 €

Who supported 9 projects

In 6 country

La petite épicerie de Cleofe

Projects 9

The small grocery Cleofe



Projects 8

Chou, sell bread


Projects 7

The stall Sriyanti


Projects 6

Adelina, activities Adelina


Projects 5

Lucy Maryorie , selling clothes


Projects 4

Loincloths Marie- Hélène


Projects 3

Houn, Construction


Projects 2

Vegetables Rosa Angelina


Projects 1

Rosa 's clothes


Gandan Yurt is above all the will of an exchange between cultures , respect for the individual , ethics and the environment .

That is why every order , Gandan Yurt agrees to lend for free, with the help of the site Babyloan, 10 euros to a micro- entrepreneur.

Projects Julienne for Babyloan
Micro-credit is a loan for a small amount , given without warranty or so, people excluded from the traditional banking system and want to develop a small income generating activity . At the other end of the world , more than 150 million micro -entrepreneurs improve their living conditions through the fruits of their hard work with a micro- credit.

Babyloan The site aims to facilitate the meeting between microfinance and the general public in order to promote healthy development of the sector.

Babyloan is a platform for micro- credit solidarity that allows users to sponsor micro -entrepreneurs in developing countries or in France via a loan secured from € 20. Customers choose the project of micro-entrepreneur they wish to sponsor . These loans secured by users contribute to a more caring economy . Babyloan offers everyone the opportunity to become a world citizen by supporting, for example , trade juice Bissap Celestine in Benin or allowing Juanita to buy coffee beans to expand production in Peru. In four years, Babyloan became the first European community solidarity lenders !

Simply connect to website of Babyloan and choose the project you want to support.

You will be asked to enter your contact information and that's it ... !

  • The repayment of the amount you pay is made every month over the life of the project.
  • The site is very secure and reimbursement also: if the micro-entrepreneur could not repay , the site of microfinance corresponding country takes over (except in cases of natural disaster or war).
  • You can get an opinion on the conditions of the loan in relation to the conditions of the country that appears on the page
  • On money lent , everything is paid back to the person you have chosen to help ; you will be asked only 2 euros in addition to the operation of the website Babyloan .
  • You can follow the details of the refund to your profile by logging
  • The money paid is accrued on your account ; then you can choose to be refunded to your account or to donate the money to another project.

Example : You choose to pay 20 euros
You paid 22 euros (2 euros for the site)
You are paid every month of 1.66 euros ( 20 euros / 12 months = 1.66 euros)

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